Unlike most shows about food, Carb Your Enthusiasm wasn’t created to teach you how to cook, and the travels come across as diaries rather than journalistic endeavors. If the format for this feels familiar, it’s because we know you’ve watched countless hours of No Reservations, An Idiot Abroad, Chopped, or Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.

Instead this show is about Tim, Alexander, their friends, and how everything in their world is shaped by their relationship with food. They cuss, argue, joke around, and despite putting pineapple on Tim’s pizza, they actually enjoy each other’s company.

In the real world, we’ve created the Carb Your Enthusiasm Supper Club. A five-course tasting, wine pairing, and cocktail menu executed with the kind of perfectionist insanity you’d find at a Michelin starred restaurant. With Tim and Alexander cooking in real-time, the gang serves a table of 10 at various times during the year.

Follow us and stay tuned for more episodes, first-dibs on tickets for the Supper Club, and all of the opportunities to heckle Tim.




Tim Quirino

Head Chef ∙ Co-Star
Co-Owner ∙ Communication


Alexander Mayes

Chef ∙ Co-Star
Co-Owner ∙ Film

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